How do you check the status of your stimulus check?

The IRS has a website for taxpayers to access to find out how much and when they can get their federal economic stimulus check payment as soon as possible.

Starting April 15, those who qualified to receive a stimulus check of up to $1,200 will be paid directly into their bank account, if they have direct deposit set up, and for those taxpayers who do not have the electronic fund transfer option activated with the government, the check will be sent by traditional mail, which could take longer to receive.

Get My Payment Tool

The IRS gives the possibility to check the status of the application in Get My Payment, to answer the doubts about how to receive your economic stimulus check as soon as possible and obtain the following information:

  • The status and type of your payment
  • If they need more information from you, including your bank account

If you are one of the taxpayers who receive your tax refund through direct deposit, you should not do anything, in this case the IRS will use the same bank account it has in its database of your tax returns to make the deposit.

If you qualify and intend to receive your refund by mail, you will need to provide the correct information to receive your refund.

Remember that you can ask to deposit in other payment services such as: Cash or PayPal.

Sign up for direct deposit to your bank account

On the official IRS website, you will find a special section with instructions to follow, called “Get My Payment,” where you must set up the electronic transfer of your check directly into your personal bank account. Remember that to do this option, you need to have your tax return up to date for the years 2019 and 2018.

Enter the official IRS website and click on the blue “Get My Payment” button to set up the direct deposit, then click on OK in the next window. Please note that you may receive a notification alerting you that the site may be down for thousands of users, trying to do the same as you. If you proceed without problems, enter your SSN (Social Security Number) or ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number), your personal address, zip code and date of birth. Please check that everything is written correctly and that the data is correct.

If the system already has your information, it will then give you the status of your payment, if not it will not give you any information, but you still qualify for payment, you can enter the routing number of your bank account so that the government can deposit your check to your bank account.

Where can you find the Routing Number of your account to conclude the process?

On the website of the bank where you have your account, you can find your routing and account numbers. In general, when you log in to the website where you have your bank account, select the account you want to use and then go to the tab where your Personal Account Information is located. If your bank has a mobile application, you will also find it in your personal profile section. If you have an old paper check or a copy of it, you will find it at the bottom, it is three sequences of numbers: the first set of nine digits is your routing number, the second set of 8 to 12 numbers belongs to your personal account number. The third set is the number of the check you issued, which you will not have to use for this procedure.

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