Can I drive in the United States with a license from my country?

Many tourists ask if it is possible to drive in the United States with a license from your country, well, the answer is YES.You must take into consideration that in order to drive in the United States, you must be informed about the rules related to the country and driving; since the laws applied are strictly state and not federal.

That’s why we recommend you to check the traffic laws and rules in the pages of each state’s car department.

International Driving License in USA

Much is said about the international driving license in the USA, but many people do not know what it is. The international license is basically a driving license that serves and applies generally to any country.

That is why it is created in 10 languages and is valid in any country.

You have to take into account that it is not a necessary document, since in many countries you can drive with the same license obtained in the country of origin of the tourist, but if it is complementary, since it could help you to avoid problems when driving in the United States.

We recommend that if you want to make a trip to the United States or another country, you should always apply for an international driving license.

It is very important to know that the international driving license can only be processed from your country of residence, so once you are in the United States, you cannot apply for it.

Necessary information to apply for an international driving license

The personal data of the holder
Different driving licences held by the holder
This licence must always be used in conjunction with the driving licence of the holder in the country of origin.

They should be used together when driving abroad, as they complement each other.

Requirements and Information for Driving in the United States

It should be noted that the road laws of each state should be known, since some things that may be prohibited in one state may be allowed in another. For this reason, we insist on getting information about traffic laws and rules in the pages of the Department of Motor Vehicles of the state where you want to travel.

Omission or lack of knowledge of the laws will not exempt you from the responsibility of complying with them.

Illegal Driving in the United States

In all states, texting and using cell phone applications while driving is prohibited, as is talking on your cell phone while driving a car.
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited,
If you drive a rental car, the car must be fully insured. You must also report who will be driving the car.
If you are driving a friend or family member’s car, you should contact your insurance company for coverage and permission to drive the car.
It is very important to understand that driving in the United States with a foreign license or international driving permit does not exempt you from assuming responsibility for your actions under the established laws of the country.

If you are fined, it is very important to pay the fine immediately to avoid future problems.

Requirements for driving in the United States:

Minimum age to drive (16 years old).
You must be 21 or older to rent a car.
To have a valid foreign license.
Carry your passport or copy of it.
Have an insurance policy.
Know the most common traffic signs in the United States.
Respect the speed limit.

Foreign driver’s license for all visas

It is important to mention that anyone who travels to the United States, regardless of the visa they apply for (tourist visa, work visa, study visa, etc.) may apply for a foreign driver’s license in the USA. It is possible that depending on the state for which you want to apply for such a driver’s license, you may be asked for some extra documentation.

In the case of students, it is important to consult with the officer in charge of the students, which are the necessary requirements since in some states they ask for at least six months to expire the I-20 document.

Foreigners with investment or work visas can apply for a driver’s license, the documentation will depend on each state.

It should be noted that the license is valid for a period of six months to one year, it should be mentioned that once the license expires, it can be renewed again.

It is very important to have absolute knowledge of the local traffic rules and to take into account the responsibility that it means to drive a car, since we are not only responsible for our lives, but also, for the people around us. At the same time, it is important to avoid any possibility of accident, since health care for tourists is very expensive in the United States if you do not have prior insurance.

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